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Spirit Racks Accessories

A range of products designed to fit with the Spirit Rack range. (please get in contact for more information.)

Available Colours: Soveriegn Silver or Graphite Grey

Spirit Performance Rack - Internal Spotter Arms (Pair)

Spirit Performance Rack - External Spotter Arms (Pair)

Spirit Performance Rack - Spotter Straps (Pair)

Spirit Performance Rack - Boxing Arm

Spirit Performance Rack - Dipping Attachment

Spirit Performance Rack - J-Hook (Pair)

Spirit Performance Rack - Landmine Attachment

Spirit Performance Rack - Adjustable Band Mount

Spirit Performance Rack - Multi Grip Upgrade

Spirit Performance Rack - Plyo Step Attachment

Spirit Performance Rack - Pull Up Step

Spirit Performance Rack - Wall Ball Target

Universal Storage - Single Barbell Holder (Horizontal Mount)

Universal Storage - Single Barbell Holder (Vertical Mount)

Universal Storage - Corner Barbell Holder

Universal Storage - Dual Barbell Holder


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Spirit Free Weights

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With 16 products, the Dyaco Free Weight Benches range gives gym operators a wider choice to install more quality in their facility. Premium touch points throughout enhance each of your member’s experience.

With aesthetically-pleasing designs, this makes your gym more approachable to members, and the additional storage from Dyaco that comes as standard also helps keep your gym floor tidy.

Comfort and safety have been carefully engineered into this range’s designs, including ergonomic seat pads that support each user’s position to provide a safe training experience.

So check out our individual products from our Free Weight Benches range and consider how you can bring this unrivalled value to your facility.

Free Weight Benches

Olympic Military Bench

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Racks & Functional Rigs

Spirit Quarter Rack

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Free Weight Benches

Olympic Decline Bench

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