Who’ll win the Cup for new gym members?

With the Champions League winners, Chelsea crowned last weekend, you’ll know that lifting trophies is all about standing out from your competition consistently to win at every opportunity.

The question is, how are you standing out in your local gym market? What really gives you the edge to win over new members and keep crowds coming back to your facility?

How do you stand out and beat the competition?

A big part of cup-winning teams is the right combination of star players and workhorses that deliver the essentials for consistent results.

In the gym world, with over 500 products to choose from our brochure, Dyaco offers a huge selection of unique superstar pieces and durable workhorse essentials to both attract both new members and retain existing ones for years.

Your gym’s star players

Here are some of our signature products, each providing dazzling brilliance in aesthetically-pleasing design, premium touch points and unique functionality that will pull in the crowds for your facility:

Johnny G Bike - Reinventing Indoor Cycling

The Johnny G Spirit Bike’s elegant and minimalistic clear coat design feels like a real road bike.

It offers programs imitating the geometry and the set-up of mountain or road rides.

Personalised training sessions for both data-focused riders or members who love matching their pedalling to music - there is something for every member that will keep them coming back!

Water Resistance Rower -The CRW900

Equip your gym facility with a high-end rower that offers your customers the nearest experience possible to on-water rowing.

It stands out from others on the market, users have the ease of simply turning the dial to change resistance levels.”

Its patented twin-water tank provides 65% greater resistance than most of the existing water models - talk about cup-winning talent!

80Athletics Heavy-Duty Functional Equipment  

This range of indestructible strength training equipment, made in Germany, will pump up the look of your gym. Produced following the same standards as the German automobile industry, this range is built to stand the test of time with heavy use. The versatility of workouts for a wide range of your members is all possible with the incredible array of grips, pulls, anchor points for accessories and plenty of storage space.

Looking for the equipment to match your brand colours?

80Athletics has got you covered. Choose from a wide range of frames, pad colours, attachments and adds-on to match all of your requirements. You just have to choose what suits your gym floor.

Your gym’s workhorses - essentials members love

Gym staples need to be durable for years of heavy daily use, and nowadays need to please member’s eyes, feel premium and offer functionality versatility to keep workouts varied and exciting.

Spirit CT900 Treadmill - Gold Standard For Treadmills

Specifications for the shocks, rollers, belt and deck of CT900 were meticulously chosen to give users a smooth workout experience.

Powder-coated steel and powerful motors allow owners to rest assured they have products that will stand the test of time.

Owners will feel secure that they’ve made a solid investment for their users’ experience and their bottom line.

Ziva Range of Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbells and more

The Ziva range of products has been created with the best functionality and modern design. It features a wide variety of high-quality functional training accessories to magnetise members to your gym.

The range provides your gym facility with easy-to-use training accessories that will suit any user looking for an efficient workout.

Medicine balls, power core bags, kettlebells and dumbbells, racks, boxes, mats and rigs have been made as functional and comfortable as possible to allow your customers to enjoy a varied and effective workout.

80A Half Racks - Heavy-Duty Functional Staples For Your Gym

Heavy-duty functional equipment for your gym offered by the 80 Athletics series, the latest industrial design combined with German craftsmanship.

Produced following the same standards as the German automobile industry. It provides your gym with strong and durable machines and fitness accessories for years.

Customise to your gym preferences and design standards with a wide range of frames, pad colours, attachments and adds-on to choose from.

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Build your member-winning gym today

No matter if you have another gym opening locally, or already have a high level of competition in your area, Dyaco offers exclusive products to create the right gym-member-winning combination for your area.

Here are 5 reasons to book a call with Dyaco today:

  1. 500+ products to choose from means you can create the ideal mix to suit your requirements and budget
  2. Support to review your floor plan and equipment layout, with new designs created to maximise your unique space and product offerings
  3. Our team of industry experts all have over 15 years of experience supporting gym transformations nationwide
  4. Be unique and trend-setting by offering our exclusive products
  5. Finance options available to limit your capital investment so your cash flow stays under control

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