How this gym transformation really changed their business...

Prested Hall is an independent wedding venue, hotel & health spa based in Essex. And although their health club business is thriving now, it wasn’t always this way...

You might be in a similar position now to where they used to be, with:

  • An outdated gym; and
  • Decreasing membership numbers.

Image above: Gym before transformation

When Prested Hall’s new owners came in, they realised there was an opportunity to invest in their gym. They assessed various gym equipment providers in the market, but something really stood out about Dyaco.

Why did they choose Dyaco?

What really impressed Prested Hall was Dyaco’s well-thought-out, holistic solution.

Rather than being suggested to spend their budget just on fitness equipment and replace like-for-like as most gym equipment providers would do, Dyaco was different.

You may remember in our last email, we shared Dyaco’s unique 9-step process of managing gym transformations as smoothly and effectively as possible. It’s this process that consistently delivers Dyaco customers their agreed business outcomes on-time and on-budget.

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So just like for their other customers, Dyaco’s first few steps were all about:

  1. Listening to Prested Hall’s management;
  2. Reviewing their existing site and equipment; and
  3. Analysing all the possible opportunities there were from Dyaco’s in-depth experience and current awareness of industry trends.

Putting all this together, they not only presented a solution they knew would meet Prested Hall’s key objectives, which were to have a:

  • A complete transformation of their gym rather than just equipment replacement
  • Revamped member experience

But also, Dyaco found additional opportunities to make more revenue and increase membership:

  • Suggested to hold coach-led classes on the gym floor
  • Found an opportunity to attract a new demographic of members (18-30’s)

So do you want to know the real reason Prested Hall selected Dyaco? They loved Dyaco’s open and transparent partnership approach.

Dyaco took the time to really understand Prested Hall’s business, step-by-step throughout the transformation process. Time very well spent.

It translated into sound recommendations to transform their gym in a way that would have far more impact for their members and ultimately their owners’ bottom line.

You see, experience counts. At Dyaco, we create a visually stunning gym and sleek well-made equipment for you. But that’s just the start.

We listen deeply to our customers. Being aware of the latest trends in the fitness market and we then advise gym owners where their unique opportunities and threats lie and give a plan to stay ahead of the competition.

We feel what it’s like to be a visitor at your gym and the difference specific equipment mixes would make to transform that feeling and overall customer experience.

So working through the last few steps of their 9-step process, Dyaco also delivered a gym space that could be transformed from day to night with just the right mix of AV and lighting.

And now... things are very different. First, take a look at the difference:

Image above: Gym after transformation

A good gym transformation is visually pleasing. And sure, Prested Hall’s gym was transformed into a high-end facility at an affordable price.

But the real business transformation was from Dyaco’s consultative approach and holistic, customised solution, the results of which:

  1. Surpassed expected membership increase
  2. Diversified the membership demographics
  3. Generated new opportunity in other areas of the business
  4. Delighted Prested Hall’s owners

The complete solution for the 250sqm facility was delivered for just £1600 per month, including :

  • complete fitness equipment package,
  • new flooring throughout,
  • new modern lighting throughout,
  • new sound system throughout,
  • new signage

So if you want to become another transformation success story yourself, and follow our proven process that gets consistent results, take the first step today with us:

Choose Dyaco for any fitness equipment need or for your complete gym transformation.