Home Garage Gyms Can’t Compete With This

With a shift in more people working from home this year, not to mention celebrity motivators like Joe Wicks helping form home exercise habits during lockdown restrictions, you may have been worried as a gym operator.

Perhaps home workouts from the garage or living room may be the new threat to your health club or fitness facility’s business?

Fear not, because the evidence suggests the UK gym market is really heating back up towards pre-pandemic levels. An example is The Gym Group that announced this month its membership had increased by one-third to 730,000 in the four months to the end of June. This compares with its peak membership of 891,000 in February 2020 before the first coronavirus lockdown measures were introduced (Source: The Guardian).

After such long lockdowns this past year, Brits are keen to get back into shape and crucially are looking for extra space to exercise away from home where they feel they have spent enough time already.

So how can you best cater to this now obvious need so your members have no doubts that coming to your facility beats a home workout every single time?

Showcase premium equipment difficult to get in a home

There are several pieces of kit that are just not feasible to have in the majority of home gyms due to their size, cost or commercial-grade quality. Providing these pieces at your facility and incentivising members to use them can really help members feel they’ve made the right decision to work out with you.

1. Install solid multi-functional rigs and offer group training

Functional rigs in commercial gyms are extremely attractive for members because they can be used by a wide range of people. They also provide options for many different types of exercise, with numerous attachments you can cover a full-body workout on one product. Ideal for individual or group training.

Combining staple pieces of equipment such as rigs and racks at your gym with the offer of group classes and training to use this kit will certainly entice members out of their homes. Not only will they get a solid workout that can’t be replicated at home, but they’ll also make new friends too!

2. Offer a wide variety of plate-loaded machines with accessible weights stored

Users may have bought kettlebells, suspension training systems and yoga mats during lockdown for home workouts, but during that time they craved plate-loaded machines that were perhaps too big or expensive for their living rooms, not to mention weights being difficult to store in their home.

By offering a variety of plate-loaded machines at your facility with weights easily accessible throughout, members will jump at the chance to get toned in a way a home workout could never offer.

A big hit for toning up glutes is our Glute Ham Developer from Pure Kraft. Or how about this Deadlift Twistgrip from our plate-loaded range to give a lift to your gym’s revenue.

3. Offer unique and superior cardio equipment

The difference in feel between commercial-grade treadmills and home ones can be huge as you know. So make sure your members really feel the difference by choosing premium products such as the Spirit CT900 Treadmill. Specifications for the shocks, rollers, belts and decks were meticulously chosen to give users a smooth workout experience.

It’s not only treadmills that will win over cardio lovers. Having a kit made for incredible HIIT workouts, such as the Spirit StairClimber, can even steal members away from your competition. With its super sleek design, locking stairs for safety and the largest surface area on the market for multiple foot position training options, this is a far more exciting and calorie-burning option than crawling up the staircase at home!

Dyaco offers over 500 commercial fitness products to choose from. And with finance options available to protect your cash flow, you can more easily afford as little or as much equipment as your business needs.

For more information on our signature products, download our full Dyaco Commercial brochure now.

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