Kicking off the 2022 sporting calendar is the Australian Open and after a disappointing Ashes, we’re excited for another chance to claim back victory! British talent is going down under once again and this time all eyes are our two tennis champions, Andy Murray and Emma Raducanu.

Both Murray and Raducanu are known for their discipline and commitment to their workout routines, with Raducanu reportedly hip thrusting a whopping 200kg to keep her lower body strong and always match-fit.

Want to inspire your clients to channel their inner champion at the gym? The good news is they don’t have to thrust 200kg to do it! The even-better news is that we have a range of premium-quality and affordable equipment to help your clients look good and feel amazing, no matter their weight-class or their abilities.

Check out some of our top picks to help your clients build the stamina, speed and strength they need to become champions:

Members can squat, thrust and lift their way to a stronger body with the Free Weight Benches range from Spirit. Boasting 16 aesthetically pleasing products with premium touch points throughout to enhance your member’s experience, this range is sure to provide a high quality training experience as part of your core gym offer.

Enhance your free weights area with a functional rack/rig from our new Spirit Range. A complete training station with a compact footprint, this piece of kit includes J-Hooks, 3 pairs of stainless weight horns and straight single pull up bar.

No free weights area is complete without this multi-functional piece of kit; Plus you can incorporate a huge variety of attachments to turn your rack from a simple lifting station into a complete personal training environment.

And what strength routine is complete without a good complimentary cardio session? Within the Spirit 900 cardio machine range, we have a something a little different for your members – the Spirit Air Bike. This air-driven resistance bike provides a challenging HIIT workout for all abilities and simultaneously targets upper and lower body for an efficient gym session. A low impact machine, it’s easy on the joints too so perfectly suitable for rehabilitation patients as well as the expert cyclist.

For peace of mind, we offer finance options, an industry beating warranty, and free returns so you can rest assured that you are ordering top quality equipment at competitive prices. To see the full range of equipment we have on offer, download our brochure now.

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