A cardio experience worthy of the ‘Yellow Jersey’...

The results of years of dedicated training from world-class athletes displayed amongst beautiful French scenery made this year’s Tour de France an inspiration for gym-goers of all levels.

So how can you attract and keep your members so dedicated to their cardio workouts at your facility?

We at Dyaco have 5 key ingredients to create a customer cardio experience worthy of the Yellow Jersey all year round:

#1. Johnny G Bike: experience the reinvention of stationary cycling

As a gym owner, signature products like the Johnny G bike can magnetise members to stay training at your gym long-term.

Its inventor Johnny G, a passionate cyclist, and fitness visionary, has engineered a streamlined and connected stationary bike that redefines indoor cycling.

Johnny G Bike -
Reinventing Indoor Cycling

This device acts as a member’s personal cycling coach so they can create a workout built for them, according to their ride preferences. The electronically controlled magnetic resistance creates an opportunity to duplicate, replicate and differentiate their training sessions.

#2. Connect with the Zwift or Kinomap apps on members’ tablets or mobile phones

Amazing news! With our latest software update, apps Zwift and Kinomap now have full controllability over the Johnny G Spirit Bike. This means the bike will automatically change resistance as grade percentages change on a course in the app. It's a great way to bring the outdoors inside!

#3. Add air-driven resistance to members’ biking experience

Any gym needs some classic cardio machines that are able to provide their users with an upper and lower-body workout. The AB 900 Air Bike by Spirit restyles the compulsory stationary bike by implementing it with air-driven resistance at the cutting-edge of technology. Instead of manually shifting gears to change resistance like on other indoor bikes, you just need to pedal faster to boost it.

#4. Bring a realistic sensation of rowing into your gym

Equip your gym facility with a high-end rower that offers your customers the nearest experience possible to on-water rowing. A stand-out product that allows users to easily turn up the dial to change resistance levels.

#5. Offer a selection of enjoyable cardio experiences for members to get hooked

From treadmills, ellipticals, upright and recumbent bikes, rowers, steppers and right through to stairclimbers, Dyaco offer a phenomenal range of cardio equipment that caters to the full range of gym owner requirements and budgets. And with finance options to help with cash flow, industry-leading 3-year parts and labour warranties included as standard, and rapid response times for repairs (with an average time of 30.2 hours from reporting faults to fixing on-site), there is no better partner to serve you in building your business long-term than Dyaco.

So now you know all the ingredients to cultivate a premium cardio customer experience, why not let our team call you to make it a reality? We will discuss both your functional and budget requirements and recommend only solutions that fit your unique business needs.