Let’s face it, when you need a gym upgrade or transformation, the process can be quite stressful. Worrying about getting the right equipment, if you’ll get a return on your investment, lengthy downtime during installation, keeping spending to an agreed budget, the list goes on...

That’s why Dyaco makes the entire process of your gym transformation as smooth as possible. Using a well-structured project management approach, we cover everything to fully support our customers. From the concept of your vision to installing the equipment, accessories, flooring, lighting and beyond.

Our team handles your entire gym transformation process, so you can relax and focus on delivering to your own customers. We are committed to minimise downtime, ensure you are up and running for customers and delivering as much return on your investment as possible.

Here are 9 key stages every Dyaco gym transformation follows to ensure your vision really turns into a reality as smoothly as possible, on-time and on-budget:

1. Introduction meeting and initial consultation

Site survey / Equipment review / Business modelling / key deliverables

We know generic solutions don't fit your own specific gym requirements. That's why Dyaco listens to gym operators using a more consultative approach. Because we know that addressing your most important requirements with a bespoke solution is the key to getting the most ROI from the investments you make for your facility. We help you translate the perfect gym set up in your mind to your gym floor. So start to turn your vision into a reality.

2. Site visit

View product on-site / speak to operational team / agree on product mix and spec

How do you know what new equipment will best complement your current gym configuration? Get an informed perspective from decades of industry experience. Dyaco provides a site survey and equipment review of your gym.

They will advise how to maximise the space you have. And by having our expert's finger on the pulse of current UK gym goer demands, our team will ensure the equipment you select translates to more members that stay happy.

3. Internal project review

Review of clients aims and objectives / assess against industry trends and experience/ project viability / finance assessment / timescales

Upgrading your gym facility requires careful project management. Why not make sure your upgrade project runs on time, within budget and delivers what you set out to achieve? Speak to Dyaco today so we can review your aims and objectives. We'll assess your current capabilities against industry trends and provide sound advice from our experience.

We examine your project's viability, conduct a financial assessment and set realistic timescales on when things will be delivered. All so you can have peace of mind, feel in control and focus on what you do best. So let’s have a call and discuss your requirements for your next project.

4. Concept design and planning

Industry trends / key deliverables assessed / Draft 2D & 3D plans produced / equipment specification and budget confirmed

Not confident about which gym equipment to buy next? At Dyaco, we provide gym owners with our concept design and planning service to make decisions easier. After we discuss together how you can profit from current industry trends, we agree on the key deliverables you want.

In fact, deciding on your ideal equipment specifications is easy once we've drafted 2D and 3D plans of how it looks at your gym. And we will ensure everything fits within your budget. We love building strong relationships with gym owners like you. Call us to find out how we can support you today. In fact...

5. Draft concept presentation and feedback

Presentation of solution / Open and honest approach from all stakeholders / discussion rationale of solution / Confirmation of timelines and budgets

When you partner with Dyaco to transform your gym facility, everyone is on the same team. We communicate with you transparently throughout the process. As an example, after you are presented a draft concept of solutions we think match your requirements, we carefully listen to your feedback.

We take an open and honest approach from all stakeholders. We discuss the rationale of the solution you are looking for. We confirm realistic timelines and budgets. So if you want a valued partner in your business, call us to find out how we can support you today.

6. Finalise project detail

Review and amend draft design in line with feedback / agree commercial terms / Confirm programme of works for project / provide launch materials such as 3D walkthrough and product imagery and video

No one wants a generic solution when it comes to transforming their gym. That's why we at Dyaco take the consultative approach with gym owners. After we finalise your project detail, we'll review and amend the draft design in line with your feedback. We support you every step of the way on your gym transformation project.

After we agree to work together we'll confirm a programme of works for your project, provide launch materials such as a 3D walkthrough and your own product imagery and videos. For a full turnkey solution to your gym transformation, contact us today.

7. Agreement and initiate plan

Customisation sign off / Equipment production and allocation / logistics agreed / project resource set

Dyaco loves collaborating with gym owners. We really value long-term partnerships built on trust. That's why we carefully discuss what customisation you want and what can be delivered before your equipment is produced and brought to your site. We ensure everything is agreed to make sure our customers are happy every step of the way, including agreeing on logistics and setting your project resources. Call us today and start a collaborative partnership for your next project.

8. Deliver project

Installation of flooring, lighting and AV delivered / project management on-site throughout installation / daily communication progress update to client / commissioning and sign off on project / Hand over

If you want to really transform your gym facility, Dyaco fully supports in managing this important project with you. We install flooring, lighting and AV to perfectly set the aesthetics and ambience to wow your customers. You'll get daily communication and progress updates. We want to make you smile at each step, from commissioning and project sign off to regular updates on hand over. So why not transform your facility today.

9. Review and partnership management

On-site installation review / pre-opening service visit / management of service on a day to day basis / fixed partnership review dates

Unlike other equipment providers, we continue supporting you as a trusted partner after your equipment has been installed at your facility. At this stage of our collaboration, we conduct an on-site installation review.

We then schedule a pre-opening service visit, provide management of service on a day-to-day basis and have fixed partnership review dates. We provide a complete solution and have a clear process to maintain our partnership with you. So call us to find out how we can support you today.

BONUS: When you have a dream gym facility etched in your mind, reality sometimes bites. Dyaco helps you match your dream with more choices of how to finance it, as well as advice on options that will generate the best returns on your investment. Dream big, stay ahead of the competition and partner with Dyaco to maximise your chances of your dream facility becoming a reality.

So there you have it, now you know how much attention goes into the Dyaco team supporting you every step of the way of your gym transformation, from concept to install and beyond.