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5 Ways to Respond to "The New Normal" in Gym Usage

After a painful period of restrictions, gym members it seems are back in their droves, though in a different way from pre-pandemic times.

The gym market has certainly changed since post-Covid restrictions. Operators need to be aware of some key changed habits of gym-goers and how to best cater for this to capture a flood of new potential revenue and protect it from competitors.

Industry figures show that gym members across the UK are now working out longer and have more flexibility to fit workouts into their schedules.

Of course, working from home more has played a large part in this, as well as more flexible, hybrid arrangements of some days at the office and some working remotely each week.

Workouts are longer and more frequent than before

Not only are members working out longer, they are also training more frequently with fewer peak times post-Covid restrictions.

One of the UK's leading operators showed their one million members now visit 1.43 times a week on average, compared with 1.21 times before lockdown, with fewer signs of a clear peak time which previously was between 5-8 pm.

Daytime and late-night workouts are now much more common since restrictions have been lifted (Source: BBC News)

So how can you as a gym operator respond to this to win more business and protect members from going to your competition?

Here are 5 simple ways for your gym to win in this “new normal”:

1. Get equipment that can last.

With people working out more than before, your equipment will be put under more strain. Wear and tear is to be expected of course, but having equipment that wears well and keeps its premium aesthetics can make a big difference to your overall impressions for both visitors and regular members.

As the gym market is ultra competitive, it’s important to protect yourself by selecting equipment that is proven to stand the times of time and looks good even with heavy use.

With over 500 commercial fitness products to choose from, Dyaco only supplies products with hard-wearing materials designed for commercial use, with coatings that keep their premium aesthetics for longer and the industry’s longest standard parts and labour warranty.

So once you buy from us, we have you covered, especially with your members working out more than ever before.

2. Minimise any downtime with rapid response servicing

Even with the best equipment, things go wrong sometimes. The way you respond to these challenges can define how resilient your business is in the long run.

Fortunately, by having Dyaco as your reliable partner, when any of our equipment breaks down on your site, we have an ultra-fast response so your members’ experience is disrupted as little as possible.

It takes on average just 30.2 hours from when you log a fault report via our dedicated App to have your equipment fixed on site. That’s because we have service hubs strategically placed across the country so our staff are never far away to help should there be any issues.

If you are frustrated about the expensive service contract you are in with another provider, contact us today as the price of our new equipment could be more cost-effective than the price you are currently paying to service old products!

3. Offer friendly staff that help boost frequency of visits

The reality is members on average are now working out for longer and more frequently. But where they do this is going to be more and more a decision based on how enjoyable their member experience is on each visit.

Just simple standard procedures like having staff greet each customer on entry and exit, offering advice when members look puzzled on unfamiliar machines or suggestions for members who have been out of the gym for a while.

What small improvements could you suggest to your staff that could brighten each member’s experience? Engage with your staff and ask them to suggest ideas themselves that would help and empower them in the process.

This can go a long way to keep customers coming back rather than leaving to join your competitors.

4. Create an ambience that makes longer workouts more enjoyable.

The ambience and atmosphere of your gym unconsciously at least sets the tone for your gym experience. Choosing lighting that puts members in a workout mode, and supporting this with a great sound system can give them a buzz and strong positive association with your facility.

Fortunately, Dyaco offers advice around how to set the ambience and atmosphere that fits your unique business and members you have, with a range of options that work for your needs and budget.

Just contact us today - we even provide mockups of how this would look in your gym before you agree on anything.

5. Gamify exercise to allow competitive members to exercise more

We are becoming a nation of gamers. Rather than wasting hours on our laptops or phones playing games like Candy Crush, gym operators can positively use this human psychology to keep members coming back and get them healthier too!

When members connect their mobile or tablet to our Johnny G Spirit Bike, as they ride, they can experience a virtual cycling route to make their experience fun and more scenic! With our latest software update, apps Zwift and Kinomap now have full controllability over the Johnny G Spirit Bike. This means the bike will automatically change resistance as grade percentages change on a course in the app.

Or why not create competitions for members to share their times or scores and offer prizes for e.g. the quickest 1km row for the month on our Spirit CRW900 Water Resistance Rower or CRW800 Rower?

Not only will you generate members’ competitive spirits, you’ll also instil a sense of community at your gym which makes them feel more at home.

We hope you will benefit from these 5 ways on how to respond to the UK’s “new normal” in gym usage. If you want to talk with our team about any of the points raised, you can contact us today.