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ST Olympic Decline Bench w_Storage

11 gauge (3.0 mm) steel frame, 20° decline angle, Adjustable leg height, Double stitched upholstery, Built-in storage Olympic standard sized discs, Double powder-coated finish, Cushioned rubber feet or bolt down option, 6 built-in pegs for disc storage, Hard rubber sandwiched rack construction preserves barbell knurling


Assembled Dimensions:

Length: 2060  mm,

Width: 1570 mm,

Heights: 1320 mm,

Product Weight: 87 kg

Range Warranty :

ZSL Series urethane products have a limited 3 year warranty.

ZSL Series weight room collection rubber products (weights & plates only) have a limited 2 year warranty.

ZSL Olympic Bars have a 1 year warranty, (Collars have a 6 month warranty)

SL Performance Series Storage products have a limited 10 year warranty for frame. Plastic parts: 1 year warranty Rubber parts: 1 year warranty

SL Performance Bench products have a limited 10 year warranty. Plastic parts: 1 year warranty Rubber parts: 1 year warranty Pads: 90 day warranty

ZSL Series Rubber Weight Accessories (Tribells, Kettlebells) have limited 2 year warranty

ZSL Series accessories have a limited 1 year warranty. SL Functional soft goods (plyo box) have a limited 1 year warranty.

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The Ziva range of products has been created with the best functionality and design in mind. It features a wide range of high-quality fitness accessories such as free-weights, rigs, power racks, platforms and functional storage to make sure your gym floor is well optimised. 

The Ziva range provides gym facilities with easy-to-use training accessories that will suit any user looking for an efficient workout. It offers various functional training accessories for a modern fitness workout. 

Medicine balls, power core bags, kettlebells and dumbbells, racks, boxes, mats and rigs have been made as functional and comfortable as possible to allow your customers to enjoy a varied and effective workout. 

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