Strong Range

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Strong Range Shoulder Press Machine

The perfect option for seat adjustment and a parallel-adjustable back rest to start training in the best position. Depending on the width of your shoulders, a narrower or wider handle can be fitted to the broad, knurled metal grips. Familiar gym80 easy entry and training across the full range of motion thanks to new, unique mechanism: a weight reduction of up to 30% is possible during the exercise thanks to the new load drop mechanism. Drop-sets without removing weight plates from the machine.


(LxWxH) 2188 x 1310 x 1064 mm,

Product Weight: 260 kg

Range Warranty :

10 years: Frame stability (bending/material fatigue), Frame weld-seam.

5 years: Eccentric, Flat belt, Weight block blade, Weight block guide bushing.

2 years: Ball bearings/roller bearings/lineal bearings.

1 year: Frame paint finish, Rope, Upholstery discolouration, Upholstery foam/insulation, Seat adjustment,

Gas pressure absorbers/cylinders, Lock bolts, Weight block insert pin, Weight block insert pin spiral cable

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Strong Range

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Building mass has never been so empowering

The Strong Range redefines bodybuilding with revolutionary and indestructible strength training equipment.  It offers impressive and powerful machines that will enhance the look of your gym. Built following the usual Gym80 quality standards “made in Germany”, the Stong Range never compromises.

All 5 machines of the Strong Range have been conceived to develop muscle mass efficiently. Gym80 has created strength training equipment that is highly robust and reliable in order to meet the highest requirements of your customers.

All the Strong Range machines are masterpieces of steel construction. With their 4mm thick oval tubes and solid axes of rotation, these pieces of equipment are heavy and unbreakable in order to allow your clients to perform powerful workouts and to create products that are reliable and last a lifetime. If you would like your equipment to match your brand colours we have got you covered: every imaginable colour is available, both for the structure and the upholstery. You just have to choose what suits your gym floor.

All the Strong Range machines are equipped with an adjustable back/seat and milled barbell handles that will fit any member profile and allow them to feel connected to the machine throughout use.

Completely Customisable colour schemes.
Frame and Covers:

Frame and cover colours can be combined at will with gym80 products. There are six standard colours available to choose from at no extra cost.


Choose between 19 standard padding colours and combine them with stitching colours that suit your style.

Embroidery and special productions:

Choose special products. For padding and stitching, we can also embroider your logo into the padding.

Our range of strength equipment offers the most customisable solution on the market.

With this range of equipment you have the opportunity to customise your strength training equipment and complement your facility with a consistent brand throughout. Imagine different colours in different zones of your gym, the possibilities are endless.

Customisable areas include : equipment frame (texture and engravings), upholstery and stitching (material and embroidery) and the moving parts.

Plate Loaded

Strong Range Shoulder Press Machine

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Strong Range Incline Bench

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Strong Range Negative Spinning Lathe

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