Spirit Strength

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Angled arm pad helps to reduce shoulder involvement and maintain focus on Biceps, Pivoting grip bar adjusts for varying forearm lengths and maintains alignment with axis of rotation, Seat adjustment is used to align elbows with machines axis of rotation, Built-in storage at top of tower for phone and water


Weight: 195kg / 430lbs,

Dimensions: 1379x894x1592mm / 54”x35”x63”

Range Warranty :

Standard Warranty 3yrs Parts & Labour

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Spirit Strength

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Diverse range of products

The Spirit Strength range offers a large choice of products comprising 21 high quality pieces. The range will offer any facility a full strength solution enabling their members to safely and effectively train any muscle group.

Premium look and outstanding durability

If you want to equip your gym with a robust, easy-to-use and comfortable strength machine, the Spirit Strength has got you covered with sturdy and powerful pieces of equipment that offer the user premium touch points and aesthetically pleasing design. It provides you with a solid investment for years. Reliable, they offer a long-life challenging workout that will satisfy beginners but also more experienced users looking for a high quality isolation exercise. 

Compact design without compromising range of motion

Easy to use, the Spirit Strength range machines have been made to fit any user, no matter their fitness level. The compact footprint and stack uniformity all ow you to provide a larger number of units in the same space, alternatively free up more room within your facility for other training applications. Each piece of equipment allows for a full range of motion to ensure the maximum number of muscle fibres are recruited and therefore providing a more effective workout.


Functional Trainer

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