Pure Kraft

Plate Loaded


PureKraft Shin Machine

Features Include:

- Manufactured in Germany
- Optimised resistance curve throughout the range of motion
- An easy-access lever
- Unilateral and bilateral movements
- Premium touchpoints
- Frames - 4mm German steel
- Tube in tube frame construction
- Gas-assisted seat with aluminium lever
- Customisation of the frame, moving parts, upholstery and stitching
- Compact footprint with inviting appearance
- 36 products in the range


Height: 1190 mm
Width: 990 mm
Length: 1080 mm

Weight: 70 kg

Range Warranty :

25 years on frame, 5 years on flat-belt conveyor belt, 2 years on rotating parts,

1 year on displays, padding and paintwork

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Pure Kraft

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The PURE KRAFT series guarantees an in comparable training experience and optimised training results. Decades of development work is reflected in the best plate-loaded line ever.

Pure Kraft provides a honest and genuine training experience, an optimal resistance profile for an effective natural strength curve, state-of the-art biomechanics and guided converging/diverging path of motion.

With easy entry levers to accommodate a greater range of users, modified range of motion to alleviate joint stress at starting position and dual series-independent moving arms for equal strength development and exercise variety, this machines are truly top of the range.

Completely Customisable colour schemes.
Frame and Covers:

Frame and cover colours can be combined at will with gym80 products. There are six standard colours available to choose from at no extra cost.


Choose between 19 standard padding colours and combine them with stitching colours that suit your style.

Embroidery and special productions:

Choose special products. For padding and stitching, we can also embroider your logo into the padding.

Our range of strength equipment offers the most customisable solution on the market.

With this range of equipment you have the opportunity to customise your strength training equipment and complement your facility with a consistent brand throughout. Imagine different colours in different zones of your gym, the possibilities are endless.

Customisable areas include : equipment frame (texture and engravings), upholstery and stitching(material and embroidery)and moving parts.

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