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80A Functional Performance Hub

contains: Cable pull + 3 accessories (handle, rope and ankle strap), Wallball station, Batwing pull-up grips, Anchoring point for e.g. TRX), Adjustable anchor point for resistance bands, Barbell rotation station, Battle Rope anchor point, Integrated storage space, 1 barbell holder, 3 stainless steel weight plate holders (50 mm), Resistance band storage pin, 3 shelves, Integrated mounting holes for attaching the frame to the floor Characteristics: 4-way hole Design Numbered holes 80 x 80 mm square steel frame; 4 mm thick 25.5 mm hardware 45 mm distance between the holes Recommended accessories: 80A00132 Adjustable anchor point for resistance bands 80A00101 Dip station



Height:  2708 mm,

Width:  2136 mm,

Depth:  1053 mm,

Weight: 270 kg

Range Warranty :

10 years: Frame stability (bending/material fatigue), Frame weld-seam.

5 years: Eccentric, Flat belt, Weight block blade, Weight block guide bushing.

3 years: Ball bearings/roller bearings/lineal bearings/paint finish

1 year: Upholstery discolouration, Upholstery foam/insulation

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Heavy-duty functional equipment for your gym

Rigs, racks, benches and accessories...The 80 Athletics series offers a wide range of heavy-duty functional training products for all gyms. All its products are high-quality and engineered with the latest technology. They are the result of the latest industrial design combined with German craftsmanship. 

Durable and long-lasting investments for your gym

The 80 Athletics series features heavy-duty machines that have been produced following the same standards as the German automobile industry. That is why it offers such solid and long-lasting pieces of equipment. It provides your gym with strong and durable machines and fitness accessories for years. With its 80 mm square tubing of 4 mm thickness and oversized 25 mm hardware (holes, bolts, and heavy-duty washer), the 80 Athletics series provide you with exceptionally sturdy and durable pieces of equipment.

Easily customisable equipment 

According to your own preferences and design standards of your gym, you will be able to choose from a wide range of frames, pad colours, attachments and adds-on to match all of your requirements.

Completely customisable colour schemes

These colours are for demonstration purposes only.

Our range of strength equipment offers the most customisable solution on the market.

With this range of equipment you have the opportunity to customise your strength training equipment and complement your facility with a consistent brand throughout. Imagine different colours in different zones of your gym, the possibilities are endless.

Customisable areas include : equipment frame (texture and engravings), accessories.

The Racks and rigs provided in this range can be customised to your facilities needs. With a large variety of accessories, a customised package can be created to allow for an almost infinite array of exercises.

Racks & Functional Rigs

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Racks & Functional Rigs

Jammer Arms

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Racks & Functional Rigs

Safety Beam for Power Rack

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