In October this year, 60,000 sports and fitness enthusiasts congregated at Birmingham’s NEC to be inspired by athletes across multiple sports from bodybuilding, powerlifting and MMA, to cheerleading, gymnastics and dance.

Big names from the world of sport like UFC’s Khabib Nurmagomedov and British weightlifting supremo Eddie Hall played their part in the sports festival organised by the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger who held his first event back in 1989.

4 pillars that make a difference...

When you bring together athletes from across so many disciplines, there seem to be 4 common pillars that make a difference in the performance of top athletes:

  1. Coaches and trainers play a huge role
  2. Nutrition is key for peak performance
  3. Equipment that feels premium and is fit-for-purpose encourages more consistent, dependable training
  4. Workout environment can be optimised to provide that extra motivation to train harder and go further each session

Offering all 4 of these pillars for fitness training at your facility can really help attract regular, dedicated members that will stay for years.

While we don’t offer coaches, trainers or nutrition solutions, Dyaco has fitness operators covered when it comes to training equipment for many disciplines, as well as highly effective options to transform the ambience of your facility to get your members working out even harder.

Here are some of our picks you can bring to your facility affordably that can attract long term customers and set you apart from your competition around these last two pillars:

Attract serious bodybuilders for the long-term with our Strong Range:

Here are some of our signature products, each providing dazzling brilliance in aesthetically-pleasing design, premium touch points and unique functionality that will pull in the crowds for your facility:

Photo: Strong Range Incline Bench

5 powerhouse machines from our Strong Range have the ability to help train beginners to the Arnies and Eddie Halls of this world at your facility. Each machine doesn’t just look incredible (which helps to attract new gym members).

The gym80 “made in Germany” quality standards for the range makes this last the ages and covered by our industry-leading warranty.

Members will keep coming back after seeing the results in their chest, legs, shoulders, arms and abs. The hand positioning on the equipment means athletes new or elite get the most out of every rep.

The ranges adjustable back, shoulder and seat pads, sand-milled handles and unique load drop mechanism create a premium workout experience.

Make functional fun

When you bring in members for their regular BodyPump class or Kettlebell class, having enough quality pieces so no one is left out goes a long way towards keeping customers.

Photo: Ziva’s ZVO Urethane HX Studio Barbell Set + SL Virgin Rubber Kettlebells

Customers will feel the quality of the grip and weights from our ZVO Urethane HX Studio Barbell Set and SL Virgin Rubber Kettlebells from Ziva.

And with finance options available, you never have to let your members down when they loyally turn up to class each time.

When you set up your studio with atmospheric lighting, plus sound systems pumping out motivating tunes and also great trainers too (3 of the 4 pillars of great fitness provision), your customers will find it impossible not to keep renewing their memberships.

Photo: The Atrium Health Club, Reading - new Dyaco installation

If you have room for group classes on your gym floor too, this can really set a buzz at your facility for other members working out there too.

Our Dual Surface Plyo Box 3 or 4 Piece Set and XP Power Sled from Ziva is a perfect combo to use for group classes or for serious trainers to set the tone for others on the floor:

Photo: Ziva’s Dual Surface Plyo Box 4 Piece Set
XP Power Sled

In short, mixing a solid range of functional equipment throughout your facility is a winning formula for delighting your customers.

Equipment and perfect workout environments handled end-to-end:

From vision to reality, Dyaco is your perfect commercial partner to support you in designing, planning, installing and supporting your facility to be loved by your members for many years.

Everything is taken care of, from lighting and AV to rapid response repair covered by an industry-leading warranty.

Contact Dyaco today and we’ll listen to your unique needs and share our extensive industry knowledge to suggest what mix would make business sense for your budget.

Let us call you for a customised quote

With over 500 products to choose from, finance options available and exceptional customer service, contact us today and let us be your long-term partner to grow your fitness business.

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