Water Resistance Rower

The CRW900

Bring the sensation of rowing into the gym

Equip your gym facility with a high-end rower that offers your customers the nearest experience possible to on-water rowing.

What they say

“It stands out from others on the market, users have the ease of simply turning the dial to change resistance levels.”

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10 different levels of resistance that can be changed by simply turning a dial to adapt the intensity of the exercise.

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The CRW900 is an indoor water resistance rower that reproduces the sensations of a racing shell. All of that without leaving the comfort of the gym.

Its distinctive characteristic: it has a patented twin water tank that provides the same resistance as what you would experience when rowing in a boat. It will offer a pleasurable, yet challenging workout for all fitness levels from novice to advanced rowers. 

Water resistance rowers offer a quieter and far more realistic rowing experience and continue to be a popular alternative to the traditional air rower.

With its transport wheels, it is easy to move all-around your fitness facility and very simple to use by any gym user.

Adapted to all fitness levels

With its 10 different levels of resistance, this water-rower enables elite rowers but also active seniors or people following physical therapy after an injury to use it. Indeed, its low starting resistance and its comfortable lumbar support are perfect for those kinds of athletes. It will provide them with a workout adapted to their fitness level and their goals.

A realistic water rowing feel

The CRW900 Water Resistance Rower offers 65% greater resistance than most of the existing water models. It can achieve such performance because of its patented XL twin water tank. It’s wood and steel frame, smooth slide rails, ergonomic seat and padded handlebars offer a unique gym experience and give a realistic water-rowing feel to its users.

An easy-to-use machine

It is equipped with a backlit, bright and easy-to-read console that displays all the training data. 5 pre-programmed workouts are available on this machine to allow a smooth rowing exercise. All the performance metrics are accessible with a simple view.

A modern look rower that suits any high-standard gym

Its minimalistic and modern black-grey design is perfect for those who want to equip their gym floor with elegant and high-performing machines.

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