Johnny G Bike

Experience the reinvention of stationary cycling

The Johnny G Spirit Bike reinvents indoor cycling

The Johnny G Spirit Bike has been conceived to connect body and mind through cycling. It combines all the performance of fitness equipment at the leading edge of technology with an elegant and minimalistic clear coat design.

Johnny G

“The Ride of Truth™ is the purest form of challenge, liberation and reality on a bicycle. You and the machine are stacked against your mind, body and time. All rides are not created equal, nor are the miles that are logged, yet there is a place for everyone to face, pace and embrace themselves.” — Johnny G

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Give your customers the best cycling experience!

The perfect innovation in indoor cycling.

The Johnny G Spirit Bike is the perfect innovation – with the past moulded and forged into the future. The electronically-controlled magnetic resistance creates an opportunity to duplicate, replicate and differentiate your training sessions.

Performance metrics are accessible at all times on the high-visibility LED display. The cockpit-style console has been strategically crafted to transport you into an elevated state of performance through the integration of mind and body.

Build a strong reputation around your indoor cycling

As a gym owner,  you want your fitness equipment to be solid and high-performing but also to look good in your facilities. The Johnny G Spirit Bike fulfils all those requirements and goes beyond. Its inventor Johnny G, a passionate cyclist, and fitness visionary, has engineered a streamlined and connected stationary bike that redefines indoor cycling. This device will be your customers’ best personal cycling coach and will help them to create a workout built for them, according to their ride preferences. 

Personalised training sessions

With the Johnny G Spirit Bike, your clients can build the cycle circuit they need. It is equipped with an electronically-controlled magnetic resistance system that includes multiple adjustment points. It is also possible to personalise the training sessions from various programs and three different workout options to exercise according to the type of rider your users are. Are they data-focused riders oriented on the heart rates and the wattage? Or do they prefer pre-choreographed programs like the ones you can find when training in Les Mills with music beats matching the pedalling rhythm? They will, for sure, find the ride made for them. 

Dedicated to your customers’ performance

Its high visibility LED-display and its cockpit-style console allow its user to always keep an eye on their performance. Your customers can very easily follow heart rates, power, time and cycling distance at any time during their training.

An indoor bicycle that feels like a road bike

This indoor bike not only copies but improves its outdoor counterpart by offering programs imitating the geometry and the set-up of mountain or road rides. 

A smart device that’s easy to use

Besides following their performance metrics, they will be able to retain them on any of their devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop). Smart, the Johnny G Spirit Bike can be connected through Bluetooth or ANT+. 

A streamlined look that fits your high-end gym design

Fitness equipment is not always stylish. This one is. With its elegant lines and shape, and its gleaming clamshell monocoque frame, this spin bike is a remarkable object that will seamlessly blend in with any high-end gym design. 

All it takes is a touch

The cockpit-style console and the proprietary handlebar are touch-sensitive. They are both designed to provide comfort during the ride and are easy to use with a simple fingertip. 

A self-powered bike

The Johnny G Spirit Bike is self-powered. No power supply is needed, the bike is equipped with an internal generator creating its own energy. Its user just has to pedal to generate the bike’s power. Even once your customers stop pedalling, the system is able to store enough power for at least 10 minutes, allowing them enough time to retain the workout information on their devices. 

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TECHNICAL ORIENTATION: Johnny G Instructional Video

HILL CLIMB: Johnny G Instructional Video

HILL CLIMB: Johnny G Instructional Video

RIDE OF TRUTH: Johnny G Instructional Video


How is the console powered?

The Johnny G Spirit bike creates its own power with a generator built into the bike. A unique circuit design stores enough power to retain the workout information for about 10minutes and maintains connection to all user devices and leader boards when the users tops peddling. Unlike many other bikes, absolutely NO batteries are used on this bike.

Is there a minimum amount of time the
bike must be ridden for the console to
retain my data?

The console can retain all workout data and maintain connection to user devices and leader boards for 10 minutes if the rider pedals at least one minute.

How many levels of resistance does the bike have?

The bike has 20 levels of resistance. Use the + and – keys either on the forward control pad or handlebar ends to adjust the resistance.

Is the resistance measured with a strain gauge?

No, there is no strain gauge. Most strain gauges used on indoor cycles are prone to drift, component failure and are often inaccurate. Frequent calibration is required to maintain accuracy.

The Johnny G Spirit bike’s magnetic resistance is electronically controlled to provide a precise pre-programmed amount of watts. Our proprietary algorithm uses the high-resolution rpm data and precision resistance settings to ensure accurate and repeatable power readings.

The power meter readout is accurate, consistent and never needs calibration. The meter is calibrated to the bike in the factory on a dynamometer ensuring it meets or exceeds requirements of CE for power meter accuracy. Once factory calibrated the bike will never require field calibration.

What programs can the bike console run?

The Johnny G Spirit bike is programmed with 5-programs that are fully described in the console manual.

Those programs are:
1. Warm-Up mode
2. Manual
3. HR Zone Program
4. Power Zone Program
5. LAP Program

Warm-Up: This mode is the most basic function of the Johnny G Spirit Bike. Riders can use this mode to prepare themselves for a class or when just pedaling to warm up for other activities. This mode is the first function that occurs when the console awakens from sleep mode. Riders can stay in this mode for as long as desired.

Manual: Manual Mode is another basic function of the Johnny G Spirit Bike. Riders can use this mode for a complete workout or to prepare themselves for other activities. The only difference between this mode and the warm-up mode is that the rider will have a workout summary of their effort.

HR Zone Program: HR Zone Program estimates your Maximum HR (MHR) when riders’ age is entered. The program tracks the time spent within the 5 heart rate zones; less than 59% MHR to greater than 91% MHR. The console includes an LED light that will provide a visual guide to the riders’ effort. The workout summary displays time spent in each of the HR Zones. Console HR LED color changes based on user percent of max HR (%MHR). Console HR LED is on right side of console. HR LED color spectrum is as follows:

<59% FTP = White

60 - 69% = Blue

70 - 69% = Green

80-89% = Yellow

>90% = Red

Power Zone Program: The Power Zone Program uses a rider’s Functional Threshold Power or FTP in watts and tracks their performance across 5 training zones; less than 55% FTP to greater than 106% FTP. The console includes an LED light that will provide a visual guide to the riders’ effort. The workout summary displays time spent in each of the FTP Zones. The console can perform an FTP test. Console Power Zone LED color changes based on user percent of max FTP. Console Power LED is on left side of console. Power Zone LED color spectrum is as follows:

<55% FTP = White

56 - 75% = Blue

76 - 90% = Green

91-105% = Yellow

>106% = Red

LAP Program: The Lap Program allows riders to perform repeated measures of Time and Distance efforts. The program will compare your current lap with your previous lap for as many laps as desired. The workout summary displays the last 5 laps performed.

What is FTP?

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is the maximal power output that can be sustained for the duration of one hour, the classic time trial. The Johnny G Spirit bike owner’s manual contains a section on FTP education and training.

Why is FTP important?

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is one of the key factors of your power cycling range. Physiologically, the lactate threshold (LT) is the intensity of exercise at which lactate begins to accumulate in the muscles, and the most important physiological determination for a person’s performance. It is the physiological reason for the design of power meter-based training programs.

How is FTP measured?

There are several ways to test riders FTP but the two most commonly done by riders is the 20-minute test and the other being much shorter at 5 minutes. Each of these has a high correlation to the 60-minute test but were developed for practical reasons of time and ability of most individuals. The Johnny G Spirit Bike can administer either the 5-minute or 20-minute tests.

Where can i get instructions for the operating console?

Operating instructions can be downloaded here.

Download instructions

Will my heart rate strap connect?

The console for the Johnny G Spirit bike contains both the Garmin™ G-Fit chip module and Bluetooth® FTMS chip module. Both chips can connect your heart rate strap to the bikes console.

Connecting your heart rate strap should ideally be done during the warm-up phase which occurs at the very beginning after the console turns on. If the rider is wearing a HR strap, the console will ask if you want to pair HR 30-seconds of starting-up right up until pressing the Play key.

Can I download the workout data to my tracker?

Yes, you can. The Garmin G-Fit chip contains ANT+ and most all workout trackers operates on one or both of these protocols. The devices will automatically communicate and transfer your workout data.

Does the bike work with leaderboards? Garmin? Myzone? Performance IQ? Zwift? Spivi?

The console for the Johnny G Spirit bike contains both the Garmin™ G-Fit chip module and Bluetooth® FTMS chip module. The combination of these two chips-sets prepared the bike to work with all the most popular systems.

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