Glute training improved.

GluteBuilder - A compact yet complete lower border workout

As a gym owner, you’ve probably noticed that more and more gym users want to exercise their glute muscles. The trend is particularly noticeable on social media where photos of tight and firm lower bodies are common. Indeed, developing these muscles is not only aesthetical but also healthy and give a sports performance improvement.

What they say

"The most advanced, safe-efficient glute machine on the market!"

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Gym80 - Glutebuilder

More and more users want to workout their glute muscles, either for aesthetic, health, fitness or sport performance reasons.

The glute training machine is perfectly suitable for any fitness centre & conditioning facilities, sport clubs, personal training studios and even home gyms.

"Hip thrust“ and "Glute Bridges“ are known as the most important exercises that activate the glutes: they are not only the best exercises to develop and shape, but they also contribute to improve fitness performance.

Training variety combined with a wide range of benefits

The GluteBuilder has been conceived by Gym80, a German brand expert in top-of-the-range fitness equipment, to perform all of the glute exercises your members will ever need. It is an all-in-one strong glute sculptor that will excite all of your customers looking for a complete machine to tone their rear lower body.

An all-in-one glute workout

The GluteBuilder is all that your customers need to work out their lower body. More than 40 glute exercises can be done on this machine. Your users will be able to perform deadlifts, bridges, squats, hip thrusts, frog pumps or reverse hyperextension with this all-in-one piece of equipment.

An adjustable machine to fit any customer

For gym users, comfort is essential. Machines need to be adjustable to fit any customer. The GluteBuilder features : 

- a stuffed bench to comfortably support the back of customers interested in exercising their glutes. Its height and inclination are adjustable to offer the best experience to your customers and provide them with a good positioning for best use;

- a non-slippery surface on the ground to prevent any accident like a foot slipping forward;

- two handles to execute some exercises more comfortably and more efficiently.

A compact design to suit any gym facility

The GluteBuilder is compact and measures only 2 metres squared. So it does not require much space and can be installed in any fitness center, any sports facility or sports club, gym or personal training studio. A small space is enough to accommodate it. 

An online Educational course

Moreover, We offer some educational materials to train your staff in using it efficiently. An online course, approved by the American National Strength and Conditioning Association, will help you and your employees to deeply understand how to use the GluteBuilder. It provides a list of exercises sorted by difficulty level and some instructional videos and documents to know which muscles are needed for each exercise. 

A bench that can be personalised with the logo of your company

If you like to fill your gym with equipment bearing the name of your company, you can personalise the bench by printing your own gym’s logo on the upholstery.

A silent machine to avoid disturbance to other customers

Besides being compact, complete for glute workouts, adjustable and high-performing, the GluteBuilder is composed of a noise-reducing plastic top to allow quiet training and avoid disturbance to other customers. 

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