AB 900 Air Bike - Spirit

A classic must-have machine that provides a total-body workout

Any gym needs some classic cardio-machines that are able to provide their users with an upper and lower-body workout. The AB 900 Air Bike by Spirit restyles the compulsory stationary bike by implementing it with air-driven resistance at the cutting-edge of technology.

What they say

“Instead of manually shifting gears to change resistance like on other indoor bikes, you just need to pedal faster to boost it.”

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The AB900 is a classic design of a classic modality.

This machine allows to accommodate even the most challenging high intensity interval workouts.

Air-driven resistance delivers a simultaneous upper and lower-body challenge

Standard, integrated windscreen helps prevent blow-back for user comfort

A compact design allows it to be placed anywhere in any gym facility.

Small and discrete, the AB 900 Air Bike conceived by Spirit remains a powerful tool to complete all types of training situations, from low RPM to the most challenging high-intensity interval training.  

A low impact and total-body workout

Cross between a stationary and an elliptical bike, the AB 900 Air Bike allows its users to train their entire body. Indeed, it has handlebars moving with the pedaling action so that your customers get a total-body workout. Upper and lower-body muscles are needed to activate the machine. It is equipped with an air-driven resistance that looks like a big fan and allows a variety of training situations: low RPM, low-load resistance training, high-wattage or HIIT. It is a great device for expert cyclists looking for intense cardio training as well as for rehabilitation patients who need a low-impact workout. Unlike other gym equipment, such as treadmills, it does not jar the joints.

An easy-to-use air-bike

It is a gym floor classic and easy-to-use machine. It features a monitor with quick mode buttons and a simple control keypad that displays all the key workout information: target time, distance, burnt calories, watts, speed, heart rates and RPM.

A machine that can be adapted to suit any gym subscriber

It offers a wide range of training and accommodates even the most challenging high-intensity interval workout. The AB 900 Air Bike is also equipped with an adaptable seat that can be adjusted not only up and down but also fore and aft to get the perfect ride.

A compact device to fit any gym space

The AB 900 Air Bike has been designed to fit any gym facility. Its compact and discreet design allows it to be placed anywhere. It proves that it does not take much space to get a challenging and complete workout machine.

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