Service hubs across UK and Ireland


Year warranty as standard


Hours average response time to service requests from fault report

Professional servicing in any location

Dyaco currently has 10 servicing hubs, giving us full UK coverage for all your servicing needs. This allows us to provide professional servicing by certified technicians that will ensure your equipment remains in great condition. As a global company with regional offices in many countries, we have been able to perfect our servicing process to support customers with ongoing servicing needs.

If a piece of equipment needs to be changed or repaired, we ensure minimal disruption for you and your customers, thanks to our national service distribution network. That means that this replacement part you need is never too far away.

A commitment to quality

We understand that, as a fitness facility owner, a major concern is the longevity of your equipment. The success of your business not only relies on the customer service you provide to your subscribers but also a cost-effective delivery of that service. That's why we include a 3 year warranty and stand behind our products.

The last thing you want is a piece of equipment that stops working. At Dyaco, we commit to offering you fitness solutions made with the highest quality components to guarantee sturdy and long-lasting machines able to handle regular rigorous training.

Servicing & maintenance

We understand the challenges people who own and run fitness facilities are facing. We strive to make things easier for you and your customers on a daily basis. Even if we offer high-quality and durable machines that are reliable for years, every piece of equipment requires some maintenance from time to time.

In the event of an occasional fault, we provide easy online fault reporting that's accessible from any location or device via the internet. This helps us to ensure reliable and consistent logging of issues to maintain our high level of servicing.

How to maximise the lifespan
of our machines

Fitness equipment can be expensive and often represents a huge investment for owners. That is why we conceive robust and durable products made to handle years of serious training. It is primordial to maintain regular cleaning and maintenance checks to make sure our fitness solutions keep running well.

We offer professional maintenance plans and training for you and your employees and ensure a reliable and efficient service made to minimize the impact on your business.