percentage of products Pre-Built and tested prior to delivery


installations our team has overseen


percent of the process is managed by directly employed Dyaco Team

A vast amount of installation experience

We guide you from A to Z, through each stage of the installation process. We manage everything from the order confirmation to delivery and equipment installation. Our fully trained team of engineers will ensure a professional on time and on-site service that adapts to your requirements whilst fitting your schedule. 

All our machines and fitness solutions are installed by certified technicians following a strict protocol to guarantee an optimal use for your customers and a long-lasting investment for your gym. And if a piece of equipment needs to be changed or repaired, we ensure minimal disruption for you and your customers, thanks to our national service distribution network.

Pre-built products to optimise your time

We understand the challenges gym operators are facing. We strive to make things as easy as possible for you and your customers. That’s why we offer high-quality and durable machines that are pre-built to optimise the installation process. 

All our products are pre-built and tested prior to being delivered. This process has two main benefits. Firstly, the time to install our machines is significantly reduced, this limits any disruption to your business. Secondly, this process ensures no ‘out of box’ issues on installation.

Site survey to fit your requirements

We conduct a complete site audit before delivery to make sure our fitness solution fits your gym requirements. Our step by step process ensures no detail is unchecked. We measure all building dimensions, internal access routes, check roadway access to avoid any unexpected challenges.

At Dyaco, everything is done to satisfy our clients’ needs and preferences. All these pre-installation requirements ensure a smooth instal day.

Clear key milestones to ensure on-time delivery

We know that the success of your business also relies on the effective delivery of your new fitness equipment. That’s why we ensure total respect of your delivery time frames. We provide you with precise key milestones to make certain that 100% of installations are completed on-time.

We encourage clear lines of communication with all of our customers to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free installation.