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Finance solutions

At Dyaco, we understand that fitness equipment represents a substantial cost for any business owner. But we also know that, next to memberships fees, one of the ways to attract more clients is to upgrade your equipment. Customers are ready to pay higher subscriptions as long as you can offer an improved fitness equipment offer. But how can you keep your clients happy without breaking the bank? To minimise the impact of this cost on your business, we offer simple financing solutions.

Gym equipment leasing

Whether you want to upgrade your old equipment or add more, having enough cash flow to do so can be a real struggle. Instead of taking on debt or establishing a loan, we offer you the possibility to lease the equipment. Compared with purchasing, leasing has great benefits.

Tax benefits

One of the great benefits of leasing our gym equipment is enjoying tax benefits. Pieces of equipment on lease are considered as rental agreements so that you can declare them as operating expenses on your tax return and enjoy tax deductions.

A personalised leasing agreement

Depending on your resources and your needs, you will be offered a personalised leasing agreement tailored to your business goals. No matter if you plan to fully equip a new gym or give a new more modern look to your current facilities, we can find a solution that will fit your expectations.

Good for your cashflow

One of the main benefits of leasing solutions is that they do not affect your personal credit. You do not have to take a loan out in your name and can this way conserve available capital for other cash needs. It is also a way to protect your personal credit history. Leasing allows you to pay for your gym equipment every month. This way, you can spread the cost of the equipment you want for your gym over a specific term. That means that you will be able to afford higher quality equipment and enjoy immediate cash flow benefits. Our partner provides you with leasing solutions based on a fixed interest that remains constant regardless of fluctuating bank base rates.