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Our mission

At Dyaco, we want to help people reach any of their fitness goals by assisting you in creating the best gym facility for your clients. Dyaco’s mission is to support gym owners through every step of their journey and, through its products, to lead their clients to the best version of themselves: from a sedentary to an active lifestyle, from active to fitter and stronger, from injured or with physical therapy needs to better mobility and recovery, from advanced athletes to peak performance.

Our culture

We create innovative and remarkable solutions, focused on high-performance with a smart and minimalistic design to look good in any gym facility. Dyaco is a global fitness brand that designs, produces and distributes compact, robust and aesthetically pleasing gym equipment for commercial and medical fitness facilities. We strive to bring solutions to our partners, enabling them to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Who we are

Dyaco offers home-users, commercial fitness owners and physical therapy facilities worldwide the highest quality equipment solutions tailored to their needs. It produces the very best fitness products to help you create the training space you want. Our machines have been designed for patients who have been injured, people who want to stay active or athletes training for high-performance. We create solutions that work for any user, no matter their fitness level or goal, and for any gym facility, no matter the size of the gym floor.


Dyaco is a Taipei based-trading company born in the 90s. Its first mission was to connect global sporting brands to local manufacturers in Taiwan, which was slowly growing into a manufacturing powerhouse supplying more than 30% of all US sporting goods. Aware of this trend, Dyaco aimed to become a manufacturer itself, having its own research and development facilities. This focus allows the company to grow into a brand portfolio business offering solutions for all kinds of gym facilities. With 7 offices and a global distribution network spreading across 86 countries and more than 130 distributing partners worldwide, Dyaco has been rapidly expanding its reach. 

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